Oral and Facial Trauma for Independence, Blue Springs and Lee's Summit MO

Maxillofacial trauma, or trauma to the face, mouth, or jaw is actually quite common. Chances are, you’ve experienced it yourself, or known someone who has! Patients suffering from a maxillofacial injury will have mild to severe damage to the teeth, gums, and facial bones. It is important that patients receive quality care as soon as possible, for the best possible results.

Maxillofacial injuries could be a result of a sporting injury, car accident, or a freak accident, but almost everyone experiences a maxillofacial injury to a degree. Due to the extremely personal nature of the injuries (and their repairs) it can be difficult to find a trained specialist that you trust. If you are suffering from oral or facial trauma, Dental Excellence provides treatment for Maxillofacial trauma in Independence, MO

Every case of a maxillofacial injury is different, and should be dealt with on a personal, case-by-case level. Because of their uniqueness, facial and oral trauma should only be treated by a licensed, trained, and experienced oral surgeon. If you are suffering from a maxillofacial injury, consult Dental Excellence today! We are happy to provide you with some of the best surgical treatment for oral and facial trauma in the area.

How Do You Treat Maxillofacial Injuries?

Maxillofacial injuries are injuries that occur to the gums, teeth, and facial bones, and are all radically different. Because the causes, and dental tissues all differ, so do their treatment processes. Here’s what to expect from each of the surgeries:

Soft Tissue Injuries: Soft tissue injuries often occur to the face or gum tissue. Injuries like these are repaired with a “suturing” technique, or plainly said, stitches. Soft tissue surgeries require a high level of training to ensure that patients are left with little scarring. Of course, in every case of soft-tissue recovery, we at Dental Excellence will make sure that you heal as best as possible. Making sure you are happy with the cosmetic results is important to us!

Bone Injuries: Similar to how a doctor would set a broken bone in the leg, broken facial bones have to be set back into place as well. When a bone is broken in the jaw, sometimes the bones have to be set back into place by wiring the jaw shut. In other cases of facial injury, bones are set back into place with moveable plates and screws via surgery. This procedure, called “rigid fixation” often replaces the need for jaw wiring, and can result in a quicker healing time. Consult Dental Excellence, Oral Surgeon, Dr. Lucaci to see which treatment option would be best for you and the degree of your injuries.

Tooth Injuries: Missing teeth can affect your self esteem and overall oral health. If recently knocked out, or lost, the affected tooth should be placed in saltwater immediately. Never attempt to wipe off the tooth, as you could remove some of the necessary tissues needed for reattachment. While some teeth don’t survive the reattachment surgery, the sooner you receive treatment, the more likely it is to survive. However, reattachment surgeries are often multi-step and may even require restorative treatment. If the tooth was unsalvageable, dental implants surgery are a good, long-term, solution for most patients. However, due to the severity of the injuries, dental implants may not be a good treatment idea for some. Contact us to see if dental implants are the right treatment option for you. We provide some of the best in the area!

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Dental Excellence has been providing citizens of Independence, Blue Springs and Lee's Summit with quality dental care for years. With a large facility, patients can expect to receive the quality, specialized care that they need! If you are suffering from oral or facial trauma, you don’t suffer any longer! Call Dental Excellence today at (816) 795-9500 for a consultation or emergency appointment. We are committed to providing you with a level of care that you will love for years to come.