Oral Sedation Dentistry for Independence, Blue Springs & Lee’s Summit MO

Some patients will visit the dentist without a second thought. It’s a routine practice that they schedule into their diary and attend without flinching. But for other patients, fears and anxiety can make visiting the dentist a less pleasant ordeal. The problem is that dental care is an absolute essential for everyone, including those who have a fear of dental treatment. The good news is that medical and dental progression have created an option that makes dental visits much more enjoyable for those who generally avoid the dentist’s chair. This option is Sedation Dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is exactly the same as any other form of dentistry with one difference - the patient is sedated during their treatment. The same checks and treatments that you require will be carried out, but you will receive Oral Sedation to help calm your nerves and help you feel much more relaxed throughout. There are four levels of sedation when it comes to dentistry, these are minimal sedation, moderate sedation, deep sedation and general anaesthesia.

Oral Sedation

There are a number of ways to administer sedation to patients. These can include inhaled sedation and IV moderate sedation. However, for most patients, Oral Sedation is the most appropriate form of Sedation Dentistry. Oral sedation can generally cover any level of sedation between minimal sedation and moderate sedation. You simply take a pill and the effects will begin to take hold, allowing you to relax and easing you into your treatment.

Is Oral Sedation Safe?

Our dentists would never carry out any procedure that isn’t safe for our patients. Before agreeing to carry out Oral Sedation, your dentist will ask you to provide a medical history. This will allow our specialists to determine whether Sedation Dentistry is appropriate for you and which level of sedation will best suit your needs and preferences.

Preparing for Your Appointment

If you are having a procedure carried out with oral sedation, you need to make sure that you make arrangements for an able-bodied adult to take responsibility for you and look after you. They should be able to accompany you to your appointment, stay in the waiting area while you are having your procedure carried out and be able to take you home following your appointment. In some cases, this person may need to stay with you overnight to ensure your full safety. If any other measures are required, your dentist will inform you beforehand. It’s important that you listen to their advice. This may include whether to eat or not before your treatment is carried out, whether to take usual medication before or after the procedure, using the bathroom before the treatment gets underway and various other pieces of advice.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

When you attend your appointment with Oral Sedation, you will be asked to sit in the dentist’s chair, as you would any other appointment. You will then be given your oral sedative. This will usually be in the form of a pill that you will take. You will then be given time for the sedative to take effect. For most oral sedatives, this will generally take between 30 minutes and one hour, as your body has to digest and metabolise the sedative. Once the sedatives have taken effect, your dentist will then be able to commence your treatment.

What Does Sedation Feel Like?

Of course, most people who haven’t tried out Oral Sedation before will want to know what it feels like before giving it a go themselves. The impact of sedation will generally differ between one person and another. However, the most common feelings associated with sedation tend to be drowsiness and feelings of relaxation. When the sedative begins to take effect, feelings such as fear, anxiety, stress and other negative emotions will begin to dissipate. This is the result that most of our patients actively look for. Other results of sedation can include a tingling feeling throughout your body, as well as feelings of heaviness or sluggishness in your limbs. You may also feel that things slow down and time passes by more slowly. Your reflexes may be delayed, including speech - you may take a little longer to react to questions or conversation than usual. You may feel a sense of giddiness or the need to giggle.

Following Your Treatment

Generally, it is advised that your escort returns you home following your appointment and that you rest up until the oral sedation has worn off. It is important that you avoid any of the following activities while you are still under the influence of your oral sedation. This is for your own safety, as well as others’ safety and wellbeing too!

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