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Dental Fillings for Independence, Blue Springs & Lee's Summit


One of the most common dental procedures needed by our patients is a dental filling to treat a cavity. Despite our best efforts, many of us have experienced this type of tooth decay at least once. An untreated cavity continues to grow, threatening the entire tooth. As with every other dental malady, prompt treatment is the only way to keep the problem from growing. At Dental Excellence, we offer durable, high-quality fillings that will protect your teeth for years to come.

The formation of a cavity

Your mouth is a home to millions of bacteria which multiply constantly throughout your day. As these bacteria sit on your teeth, they secrete acids which damage your tooth enamel. Once a spot is damaged, it becomes a weak point—a flaw in the otherwise smooth surface which allows even more bacteria to latch on. Over time, the bacteria concentrated in this spot will eat a small hole into your tooth, forming a cavity.

Dental filling options

In the past, most dental fillings were created with dental amalgam, a type of metal alloy designed to last for years without replacement. While this is an effective treatment, there are drawbacks—specifically, dental amalgam is dark and obvious against the whiteness of your teeth, and the metal used expands and contracts in response to temperature changes, often causing tooth pain.

A more advanced option is composite resin, used to create tooth-colored fillings. As the name suggests, these fillings blend in with your teeth for a more natural appearance. They also bond more readily with your tooth itself, meaning that less of your healthy tooth structure has to be removed when applying them. Finally, unlike amalgam fillings, composite resins contain no mercury. While the amount of mercury in traditional fillings is small enough to pose no health risk to you, it is a hazard for the dentists who work with it, and for the environment. Tooth-colored fillings contain no mercury whatsoever, making them safer for everyone.

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