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Tooth-colored fillings mimic the natural look of the tooth

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Tooth-colored fillings, or white fillings are dental fillings that mimic the natural look of the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings are a great solution to cavities, tooth chips, and other minor dental abnormalities. The fillings resemble your teeth down to the last curvature and crack, and our dental team make sure that you leave feeling great about the procedure you had done.

If you are looking to fill a cavity, or fix a minor tooth chip, contact us today! For forty years, we here at Dental Excellence have committed to helping patients with a variety of dental ailments in a spacious facility. Specializing in various treatments like: the revolutionary Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), dental implants, gum disease treatment, wisdom teeth removal, and all things general dentistry; we are proud (and ready!) to serve! With experienced and knowledgeable dental professionals available 6 days a week, we can help with any kind of dental emergency or problem. We want you to feel like family while we make you feel better about your smile.

Made with composite resin, tooth-colored fillings first made their debut in 1960 as a more attractive alternative to silver-fillings. Although durable and long-lasting, silver-colored fillings require that a lot of tooth tissue is removed prior to placement. For a healthier, less invasive option to silver-fillings, try composite (tooth-colored) instead. They look exactly like a natural tooth, and less tooth-tissue needs to be removed to secure them in place. For a more natural looking fix for cavities and tooth chips, try tooth-colored fillings today!

What Are The Advantages to Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Aside from a more natural looking appearance, here are some other advantages to tooth-colored fillings:

However, some dentists believe that tooth-colored fillings don’t “hold up” over time like silver fillings do, and they’re often more expensive to have placed. Of course, tooth-colored technology is always improving, and it’s a simple procedure to repair fillings when needed. Some dentists even think that tooth-colored fillings hold up just as well. Contact us for more information on the filling material right for you and your mouth.

How Is A Tooth-Colored Filling Placed?

Depending on the severity of the area being repaired, a member of our dental team may or may not recommended that local anesthesia is used. If you have a cavity that hasn’t yet penetrated the enamel, you may not need anesthesia! But if it has, it’s recommended that the patient receive an injection of anesthesia to keep the procedure pain-free.

After the area is ready prepped and ready for the procedure, any decay is removed from the tooth, and a light acid (primer) is used as to prepare the area for the bonding agent.The weak acid will open up pores in the enamel, giving the bonding agent something easy to adhere to. After the bonding agent is applied, your filling is put in place, and formed to fit your teeth. This is generally the most time consuming portion of the procedure, because it is the most difficult. Our experienced dentists will make sure that the filling is formed and fitted perfectly to your teeth. After the filling is placed, one of our dental professionals may ask you to close your jaw, and grind your teeth to make sure that the filling fits the way it should.

Are Tooth Colored Fillings Right For You?

Cavities and tooth chips are commonly treated issues. If you feel like you have a cavity that needs filling (or even a small tooth-chip) contact our office in Independence. Members of our team can help determine which kind of filling is right for you. Generally, if you have good dental health, a tooth-colored filling is a viable option. Remember that the sooner you contact us about a cavity concern, the sooner we can help solve it. Cavities are easier treated before the decay and damage gets worse.

Let us help you fall in love with your smile again! We are conveniently located in Independence, MO, and easy to reach. We’d love to help you decide if this is the right procedure for you!

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