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The CariVu digital dental explorer allows our dentists to spot cavities without traditional metal explorer tools

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Dentists are constantly searching for new technologies that can improve the patient experience. Here at Dental Excellence, we are dedicated to bringing these technologies home to our patients, so that you can enjoy your dental appointments and avoid oral decay. One of the most incredible advances in dental technology is the invention of the digital dental explorer, which allows our dentists in Independence to spot cavities without traditional metal explorer tools. The device we use is called CariVu, and it offers many powerful benefits.

A Superior Patient Experience

In the years before digital dental explorers, dentists used the “does this hurt” approach to find dental cavities. Using a sharp, curved dental explorer tool, clinicians and dental hygienists would poke and prod dental surfaces to find cavities. Unfortunately, this antiquated technique left some patients with anxiety, since you never knew when that explorer was going to spot a “zinger."

The CariVu system, on the other hand, uses powerful transillumination to light up the inside of the tooth while the system takes clean, crisp images of the exterior of the tooth. The small dental wand is simply placed over the tooth without touching the surface, offering a superior image without any poking.

In addition to delivering clear clinical images that we can use to diagnose your condition, the CariVu system also gives patients the opportunity to see problems for themselves. When decay is detected, dentists can show you where the problem lies, how deep decay has moved, and what needs to be done to fix it. When using the CariVu system, cavities show up on the screen as dark voids, while healthy dental enamel and tissue looks bright white.

Highly Effective

CariVu has been thoroughly studied by some of the dental industry's most passionate critics, and it has been given rave reviews. The CariVu system is capable of finding microscopic occlusal, interproximal, and secondary cavities, in addition to tiny cracks and fractures. This early detection technology means that dentists can treat decay proactively before it becomes worse.

The images generated by CariVu are instantly transferred to the patient’s electronic file, making it simple for our clinicians to compare new scans with older versions to track decay development.

No Radiation Exposure

CariVu is perfect for anyone worried about their radiation exposure because the system doesn’t emit any radiation at all. Because the system uses transillumination technology, near-infrared light, and powerful cameras to capture images, the system doesn’t require X-ray technology, which can protect patients who might be concerned about their exposure.

Simple Setup

Another benefit of the CariVu system is that it is easy for dentists to use, which helps to eliminate mistakes and improve the accuracy of diagnoses. The CariVu system doesn’t require device calibration or complicated measuring metrics, which helps to speed up diagnostics and improve patient outcomes. Also, since the teeth don’t need to be cleaned prior to using CariVu, these tools are helpful during emergency dental care situations when patients need treatment immediately. The CariVu hand tool is light, sleek, and uses autoclavable tips, making exams comfortable and safe for the dentist and patient alike.

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