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Preventive dentistry such as fluoride treatments help keep your teeth healthy and strong

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When most people think of the most notable public health achievements, they might think of things like the invention of penicillin or the creation of the X-ray machine—and forget all about incredible discoveries like the protective properties of fluoride. However, the American Dental Association considers fluoride to be the single most effective measure to prevent tooth decay worldwide.

Fluoride, which is a naturally occurring mineral present in every natural water source, helps the teeth in a variety of ways, which is why Dental Excellence offers several different types of fluoride treatments in Independence, MO. Here are a few ways fluoride treatments can help you, and how you can incorporate more fluoride into your dental hygiene routine.

Benefits of Fluoride

Strengthens Enamel On A Microscopic Level

Fluoride has been shown to strengthen your teeth on a microscopic level by helping dental enamel to create stronger bonds. When you ingest fluoride or use it topically, your teeth become naturally resistant to acid erosion and cavity development caused by oral bacteria. Additionally, since fluoride increases the strength of bright white dental enamel, it can help your teeth to look white and healthy.

Helps Teeth To Remineralize

The human mouth is teeming with over 25 strains of oral bacteria, each designed to target different parts of your teeth. As these bacteria grow and multiply, they emit acids that can erode your teeth. Fortunately, fluoride treatments help your teeth to remineralize, or repair themselves after they have been damaged by bacteria. Although fluoride will not help your teeth to recover from dental decay due to large cavities, it can slow the decay process and resolve problems on a microscopic level.

Inhibits Oral Bacteria

Fluoride has also been shown to make it harder for bacteria to grow and multiply. When fluoride toothpastes, mouthwashes, and varnishes are used, it also makes it harder for bacteria to adhere to the surfaces of the teeth—preventing decay.

Safe and Effective

Although some people have criticized the safety of fluoride treatments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not found any link between fluoride use and Downs Syndrome, allergies, kidney problems, bone fractures, learning disabilities, or Alzheimer Disease development. While it is true that ingesting excess fluoride can cause a cosmetic condition called fluorosis, using fluoride properly will only improve the health of your smile.

Saves Money

Fluoride use can also help you and your family to save money since it is so effective at reducing instances of tooth decay. In fact, research has shown that when water fluoridation became popular decades ago, instances of tooth decay over a 12-year period dropped by 68%.

Supplementing Your Dental Health With Fluoride

Protecting your teeth with fluoride doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few easy ways to make sure you are treating your dental surfaces to enough fluoride.

Meet With Your Dentist

One of the best ways to make sure that your teeth have their proper dose of fluoride is by scheduling a checkup with Dental Excellence. Our entire team is dedicated to beneficial preventive dentistry including protecting your teeth with fluoride. In addition to offering fluoride infused varnishes, our dentists can also talk with you about proper dosing and application instructions.

Update Your Toothpaste

Those herbal toothpastes might taste nice and have a fancy tube, but do they contain enough fluoride? To protect your dental health, make sure that your toothpaste contains fluoride. If you aren’t sure whether or not your chosen toothpaste contains the proper dosages of fluoride, feel free to bring it in during your next dental cleaning and exam. Our dentists are more than happy to read the label to talk with you about your personal level of protection.

Enjoy More Tap Water

If you live in a city where the water is fluoridated, try to drink more tap water instead of relying on bottled or filtered water. Drinking fluoridated tap water is an easy, convenient way to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Remember that fluoridated tap water is safe to use to mix baby formula or drinks for your kids, which can protect their teeth too.

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