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At Dental Excellence, we strive to provide high-quality care to all of our patients. We work to offer our patients individualized care that stands out. We know that every patient is different, and this is why it is so important for us to listen to each of our patients needs and concerns. Our team is dedicated to giving each patient that comes to us the quality care and professionalism they deserve. We are also committed to providing an office with modern technologies. We utilize many advanced technologies in our practice in order to give our patients the highest-quality care we can.

This guide gives an overview of some of the technologies and techniques we employ at Dental Excellence. As your Independence, Blue Springs, and Lee’s Summit dentist, we are here to give you great patient care and to provide a variety of advanced dental procedures and technologies.

iTero Dental Imaging

iTero Dental Imaging is a new technology that is a safe, perfor, intraoral scanner. We strive to bring our clients new, advanced technologies to improve patient experience. iTero Dental Imagers capture a 3D image of teeth in seconds. There are many benefits to using this system.

First, it can improve patient experience as they won’t need to bite down on a tray full of dental putty. Second, it is also a precise machine that can capture a brilliant 3D image of teeth.


CEREC is another technology we offer that allows for single-visit tooth restorations. This technology is used to restore damaged teeth and it can be used to complete this process in just one visit to our office. The process helps your teeth become strong, and the material looks natural.

The process includes using a 3D imaging camera to take a picture of the tooth. The CEREC software designs your tooth implant based on the scan of your individual tooth. The CEREC than uses diamond burs to create your specific restoration out of a ceramic material.

Velscope Oral Cancer Detector

We also provide the Velscope Oral Cancer Detector. This technology allows our dentists to closely inspect tissues in your mouth using flounced and high-powered cameras. This combination can show the dentist any tissue abnormalities or lesions that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

CariVu Digital Dental Explorer

We also provide the CariVu Digital Dental Explorer technology. This technology is a powerful transillumination tool that lights up the inside of the tooth while taking a image of the exterior of the tooth. This technology is a modern way to look if a patient has cavities. It is also much more comfortable for the patient than older methods.

Single Tooth Anesthesia: The Wand

This technology is a better way of numbing an individual tooth. The system delivers a computer-controlled flow of anesthesia which leads to a more comfortable numbing experience. This technology is great for when anesthesia is only needed on one tooth.

I-CAT 3D X-Ray Imaging Machine

This digital x-ray technology produces sharp, crisp images. This machine was made specifically for dental offices, and it is the most advanced technology available for taking x-rays of a patient's mouth.

Laser Dentistry

At Dental Excellence, we also offer a variety of laser dentistry services that can be used for many procedures.

We offer laser dentistry for cavity removal, gum contouring, and much more.

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