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iTero is a completely safe, powerful, intraoral scanner that captures a 3D image of your teeth in seconds

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One of the ways we strive to be some of the best dentists in Independence is our dedication to bringing new technologies to our practice to improve the dental experience. For example, the iTero system is a completely safe, powerful, intraoral scanner that captures a 3D image of the teeth in seconds. Here are some of the benefits of this incredible system.

Improved Patient Experience

In the old days, the only way to take an impression of a patient's teeth was to fill a tray with dental putty, have the patient bite down, and then wait for the paste to harden. Unfortunately, this relatively simple process was difficult for some patients, since the paste can fill the mouth in an uncomfortable way and the trays don't fit every person perfectly. Even some newer technologies were uncomfortable for some people, requiring patients to have their teeth covered in sticky powder. Fortunately, the iTero system does away with all of those traditional issues.

The iTero system uses a small digital wand that the dentist moves around the teeth. The wand scans while it is in motion, capturing as many as 20 frames per second of the shape, size, and surface texture of your teeth. The entire process only takes around 3-5 minutes, but delivers an incredibly precise, streamlined image that dentists and lab technicians can use to create prosthetics like dental crowns, dental implants, bridges, dentures, and even orthodontic appliances.

Outstanding Precision

One of the most powerful benefits of the iTero system is the fact that it almost completely eliminates user error, which in the past resulted in the need for additional impressions. For example, using the traditional paste and trays system, impressions could be flawed if the patients moved during the setting process. However, iTero technology captures whole-tooth images so fast that mistakes are extremely rare, arising in fewer than 0.5 % of cases. This accuracy means that patients can enjoy less chair time, fewer dental appointments, and perfectly-fitted prosthetics or retainers.

Streamlined Invisalign TreatmentStreamlined Invisalign Treatment

In addition to allowing our dentists to offer patients simulated outcomes, the iTero system also speeds up the Invisalign treatment process significantly. For example, during the initial stages of Invisalign treatment, digital images of the retainers are checked and rechecked several times to eliminate fit problems and to improve the speed of straightening. Using ClinCheck® software, our clinicians will inspect your retainers to make sure they address your dental goals. The iTero system makes the ClinCheck® process 50% faster and reduces system rejections by ten times, so that you can get started with your orthodontic treatment faster. The iTero system also allows our dentists to create Invisalign retainers that fit better than retainers made from older styles of impressions, resulting in 7 times fewer fit issues.

Color Scanning

The iTero system scans in full color, showing lab technicians exactly where your teeth end and your gums begin. This allows our technicians to create more realistic looking dental crowns and other prosthetics.

Electronic Filing of Impressions

Last but not least, we love the iTero system because it gives us an easy way to store impression data electronically instead of relying on fragile dental molds for future reference. Using the iTero system, our dentists can easily and accurately evaluate how your bite compares with older scans.

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