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Oral appliance therapy is an intervention for sleep-related conditions. Sleep deprivation and interruption is a source of many ailments. Apart from causing tiredness, headaches, and depression, poor sleep can trigger life-threatening illnesses.

Sleep helps balance hormones that regulate stress and metabolism. However, you have to get through the complete sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm to enjoy this benefit. It is impossible to get a whole night's rest when battling sleep conditions.

Severe sleep disturbances cause hormonal imbalance interfering with your ability to regulate stress. Stress response physiology affects the heart, blood transportation, immunity, and the digestive system. When the body is perpetually in a state of stress, it becomes vulnerable to cardiovascular illness, diabetes, obesity, and immune impairment. Oral Appliance Therapy treats snoring, sleep apnea, bruxism, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.

How Oral Appliance Therapy Works

The treatment is simple and easy. It does not require intrusion or have any subsequent procedures. That's why as the name suggests, the treatment involves using a mouth appliance while you sleep. This device looks like a mouth guard or an orthodontic retainer.

There are different appliances for each condition. The mouth apparatus keeps your respiratory tract open and holds your jaw and tongue in the correct position. The support gives instant results:

The mouthpiece does not require any electrical charging before or during use. It is also light and portable. We custom make every appliance to suit your mouth size. You have to wear it every night while symptoms persist for the condition to improve.

How Exactly does this device work for each of these conditions?


Snoring occurs when there is air blockage between the mouth and the nose. The obstruction pushes the air to the throat, causing vibrations that produce the snoring sound. The snag occurs when your nose, mouth, and throat muscles relax during sleep.

The snore guard design keeps the airways open by holding your tongue forward - this prevents it from sliding back. The pull keeps your intersection between your throat, mouth, and nose open, enabling air to flow freely. Without the vibrations, you can sleep without making uncomfortable noises for your loved ones.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs because of tracheal blockage by the soft tissue between the mouth and throat. The mouth and throat relax during sleeping, causing the tissue to rest on the airways, creating a partial or complete obstruction. In the interim, your lungs and diaphragm work tirelessly to open the trachea. Breathing usually recommences with a sudden gasp or body jerks.

The mouth appliance works by pulling the lower jaw forward and keeping the tongue in its place. By maintaining your tongue's position, the device enables your airways to remain open. Therefore, you can sleep through the night without continuous obstructions.

Unlike continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, which confine your space and are uncomfortable, the oral appliance is easy-fitting. It does not have protruding tubes or cover your entire face. The apparatus is designed for the mouth alone.

The device does not help with central sleep apnea because the causation is the central nervous system. The brain fails to instruct the respiratory muscles to breathe. Thus, leaving you gasping for air. Oral appliances are an excellent choice for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.


Bruxism is a subconscious condition that causes you to grind your teeth while you sleep. It also manifests as clenching and gnashing of teeth. The causality of the teeth grinding is unknown. However, there are reports on trends of manifestation.

You can acquire the condition through gene inheritance. Meaning, susceptibility increases with families possessing the genetic trait. It may also be of psychological origin. Patients with unresolved stress, anxiety, severe mood disorders, or sleep disorders exhibit symptoms frequently. Physical factors include missing or misaligned teeth.

Despite the cause, bruxism is destructive, and there is no willful aversion. The grinding can break and damage your teeth. The resulting broken pieces are also hazardous during sleep. When the teeth grip the tongue, it can produce painful lacerations. The long periods of jaw clenching and muscular contractions trigger headaches, jaw discomfort, and face soreness.

Our bruxism guard prevents you from grinding, clenching, and gnashing your teeth. We first examine your mouth to evaluate the degree of destruction. We then provide several solutions to fix the resulting problem and prevent future occurrences.

TMJ Dysfunction

The TMJs are on both sides of the face. They hold the jawbone to your skull and assist in chewing, biting, and speaking. Therefore, a TMJ dysfunction affects your jaw joints, adjacent muscles, and tendons.

Several conditions create TMJ issues. For example, bruxism strains the tendons and muscles holding the jawbone resulting in pain and discomfort on the entire musculoskeletal system. Another causative factor of TMJ conditions is articular disc displacement. The derangement affects the functionality of the TMJ causing pain and clicking sounds during jaw movements.

Arthritis in the TMJ causes wear and tear of the ligaments and bone. The destruction creates acute pain during jaw movements. External stress or trauma from a fall or accident can affect the jawbone's integrity. A contorted bite also triggers pain in the jaw bone and the surrounding tissues.

A TMJ appliance keeps your teeth from grinding and overworking the jawbone's tendons and muscles. It also helps the jawbone and the surrounding tissues relax, fostering healing. The mouthpiece also positions your jaw, preventing it from taking improper bites.

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It's undisputed that a good night's sleep is vital for your overall health. Do not let snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, bruxism, or TMJ dysfunction disrupt your sleep. Consult the services of experienced dentists to help you get your sleep health back.

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