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We provide a wide range of dental services in order to ensure proper oral health for you and your family

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At Dental Excellence, we offer a range of general and preventive dentistry services to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth bright. If you're looking for a personal or family dentist in Independence and surrounding areas, we offer quality care to patients of all ages, no matter your dental health needs.

Preventive Dentistry

These dental procedures are essential in preventing decay before it starts and ensuring that your teeth stay at their best.

Regular dental cleanings and exams

While at-home oral hygiene is essential to the health of your teeth, it is often insufficient on its own. Regular professional dental cleanings work in concert with your own personal regimen to make sure every surface of your teeth is being properly cared for and to protect them against the slow accumulation of tartar. We clean plaque and tartar from your teeth, including the areas you can't reach, then polish your enamel to brighten your smile.

Fluoride treatment

As plaque accumulates on the teeth, the bacteria in this sticky substance draw minerals, including fluoride, out of your tooth enamel. These minerals are what keep the enamel hard; without them, the teeth are more susceptible to decay. While a healthy diet can help to replenish lost fluoride, it is often insufficient. Regular fluoride treatments give your teeth a boost and reverse the demineralization process to keep your enamel hard and bright.

Dental sealants

Most tooth decay begins on the molars. Your back teeth are covered in natural bumps and fissures which can be difficult or impossible to clean out by brushing. These crevices trap food and, over time, can become a breeding ground for tooth decay. To protect your molars and drastically reduce your risk of tooth decay, we offer dental sealants, a thin plastic coating that binds to your tooth, fills in those crevices, and presents a new, smooth surface for easier maintenance. While this treatment is strongly recommended for children who have just gotten their permanent molars, it is also suitable for baby teeth at risk of decay or for adults wishing to go the extra mile in prevention.

Oral cancer screenings

How often do you see the inside of your mouth? We see it every time you come in, and can often spot problems long before you're aware of them. This is especially important in catching the early warning signs of oral cancer. While oral cancer is frequently associated with tobacco use, it is entirely possible for an otherwise healthy person to develop it. Early detection is key to successful treatment, which is why we offer oral cancer screenings as part of every dental visit.

Digital dental x-rays

X-rays are essential to dental treatment, offering a unique insight into the health of your teeth and the location of otherwise-invisible decay. At Dental Excellence, we are pleased to be able to use digital x-rays and I-CAT 3D Dental Imaging, safer and more advanced options than traditional dental x-rays. Digital x-rays require less radiation exposure and provide us with a  crisp, quality image, all the better to catch decay in its early stages and offer you prompt, effective treatment.

Laser dentistry

At Dental Excellence, we offer both hard tissue and soft tissue laser treatments to treat a wide range of problems. Laser dentistry allows for faster, less painful procedures with quicker healing times and no need for incisions or sutures.

Single-tooth anesthesia

One thing that keeps many out of the dentist's chair is an understandable fear of needles. But most of the drawbacks associated with dental anesthetics are avoided by The Wand Single-Tooth Anesthesia system. STA allows us to numb only the area being directly treated, rather than the entire side of your face. Even the injection is less painful than with a syringe, thanks to the slow release of anesthetic. Combined with a far less intimidating look and feel, The Wand offers patients a more comfortable experience and a more efficient use of their time.

Removable dental appliances

Snoring prevention

Frequently, disruptive snoring has the same cause as obstructive sleep apnea: slackness in the tongue and soft palate that causes them to sag into the airway. With our custom-fitted mandibular advancement devices, your airway will stay open, reducing or eliminating your snoring.


Dental injuries are a major risk in many sports and athletic activities. If you regularly participate in team sports, gymnastics, or other vigorous physical activities, invest in a mouthguard to protect your bite—and your wallet—from tooth-related injuries.


Bruxism, or teeth grinding and clenching, causes unusual wear and stress on your teeth. If allowed to continue, tooth grinding can file down your tooth enamel to expose soft dentin, or can lead to chips and cracks in your teeth. To protect your teeth—and to relieve the soreness and headaches associated with bruxism—Dental Excellence offers custom nightguards to prevent teeth grinding during sleep.

Emergency dental care

If you need treatment that can't wait, call our office. We provide emergency dental care for toothaches, dental injuries, and other urgent problems.

Other common procedures


Whether you have lost just a few teeth or all of them, Dental Excellence is here to restore your smile with full and partial dentures.


While we prefer to do everything we can to save your natural tooth, sometimes one is too heavily damaged to be repaired. We offer tooth extractions, as well as dentures, bridges, and dental implants to replace the tooth once it's gone.

Root canals

While this procedure has an intimidating reputation, root canals allow us to save otherwise unsalvageable teeth whose soft tissues have become infected, threatening the entire tooth. Dental Excellence aims to provide a fast, clean procedure with minimal discomfort.

Wisdom teeth

Also called third molars, wisdom teeth tend to erupt in a patient's late teens or early twenties. While they can often come in without a problem, wisdom teeth are frequently impacted, meaning that they press against other tissues in the mouth and will not emerge properly. We will monitor your wisdom teeth and, if necessary, extract them to prevent them from causing misalignments in your other teeth.
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