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Dentures are a great option when someone is missing a significant amount of teeth

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With Dental Excellence, you can trust you are getting quality care. We offer a range of dental services in both general dentistry and preventive measures. For those looking for a family dentist, we provide exemplary care to patients of all ages and with varying dental needs. We are there to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth looking great!

We offer denture services!

At Dental Excellence, we are concerned with educating our patients on the different services we offer and how those services can be of benefit to them. We want our patients to know about different options so they can be informed and make healthy choices related to oral hygiene. We also know that sometimes not every procedure or service is familiar to every patient. So, we give a detailed overview to let you know what to expect and how a certain service could benefit you.

We offer dentures in Independence, MO as well as to the Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit areas. Dentures are removable replacements that are put in place of missing teeth or surrounding teeth tissue. While dentures may take some getting used to, current dentures are more comfortable than ever before. Dentures are often a great option when someone is missing a significant amount of teeth.

Types of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures. They are full dentures and partial dentures and each one is used for different reasons.

Full Dentures:

Full dentures are used when all of a person’s teeth are missing. In the case of full dentures, a flesh-colored acrylic base will be fitted over the gums. The upper denture will cover the roof of the mouth and the lower denture will be shaped in a U to make room for the tongue. These dentures are made in the dental lab from an impression of the patient’s mouth.

There are also two subsets of full dentures: conventional full dentures and immediate full dentures.

Conventional Full Denture:

These are fitted after any leftover teeth have been taken out and the surrounding tissue has healed. This means it may take several weeks before the denture can be fitted while the teeth heal.

Immediate Full Denture:

These are put in right after any remaining teeth are taken out. The models of a patient’s mouth are taken before this visit so that the denture is ready at the time of teeth removal. These dentures are great because the patient will not have to spend any time without teeth, but they will need to be refitted over a period of several months as the jawbone reshapes and heals.

Partial Denture:

A partial denture is one that sits on a metal frame that is connected to remaining natural teeth. These are sometimes placed using dental crowns on remaining teeth that act as anchors. These partial dentures can be removed in many cases.

What kind should you get?

What kind of denture you need will be determined by the dentist and your individual needs. We are concerned with giving each of our patients individualized care, so we will talk to you about your specific needs and which denture would work best.

How long do they last?

Keep in mind that every individual is different and some people adjust to their dentures faster than others. But, with time, they will feel more natural. If you do have any persisting irritation or pain, please contact us.

Dentures often need to be relined or remade over time from normal wear and tear. The mouth also naturally changes with age and time which may cause dentures to loosen. This is why it’s recommended to see us at least once a year. That way we can check on your dentures and make sure they are functioning properly.

Denture Care Tips:

  1. When taking out dentures, it is recommended to stand over a towel or water. Dentures can break if dropped.
  2. Keep dentures wet with water or a denture cleaners. Don’t use hot water as this can cause them to change shape.
  3. Brush the dentures every day.
  4. Use a soft-bristled brush to wash gums, tongue, and palate every day before putting in your dentures.
  5. See a dentist if the dentures break, crack, or become loose.

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At Dental Excellence, we can provide you with dentures in Independence, Missouri. We are happy to answer questions you have and explain the process of getting denture even further. To schedule an appointment to get dentures, give us a call, and we will be happy to help.

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