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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening could be the answer to improving the look of a "gummy" smile

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At Dental Excellence, we provide cosmetic dentistry in Independence, Missouri. We offer many procedures and services, and we do our best to provide high-quality dental care. When you come to our office, you know you will be treated as an individual and with respect and attentive care. Every person has different goals for their dental health and smile. We will work with you to create the healthy, bright smile you deserve.

Our office serves patients in Independence, Blue Springs, and Lee’s Summit and is welcoming and friendly. We will greet you when you come in an effort to create an environment where you can feel at ease.

We offer many cosmetic dentistry options

We provide many cosmetic dentistry procedures. One service we offer is known as esthetic crown lengthening.

This procedure is for patients who aren’t happy with their smile because it has a “gummy” appearance. If you are one of these people and looking for a solution, crown lengthening could be the answer. The process involves removing excess gum tissues and then contouring the gums to create an aesthetic look that you will be happy with. We can perform this procedure on one or several teeth.

Are you looking to have a natural looking, healthy smile?

The crown lengthening procedure is often referred to as a gum lift. The excess gum tissue will be carefully removed. Don’t worry, we will talk you through the specifics of the procedure. We will be happy to answer any of your questions before we begin the process. Depending on the person and the case, a small amount of bone might need to be removed in order to reshape the area to create a smooth, even appearance.

Are there other reasons this procedure is performed?

While this procedure is usually done for aesthetic reasons, in some cases crown lengthening may be used to decrease periodontal pocket depths. This treatment can sometimes be used as an aspect of a gum disease treatment regimen.

In some cases, crown lengthening is required when you need a new crown or other tooth restoration. Since the edge of a restoration is below gum tissue and not always easily accessible, crown lengthening can help reach the edge of the restoration to ensure a proper fit.

What is the esthetic crown lengthening procedure like?

This procedure usually takes around an hour. But, keep in mind, the exact amount of time required will depend on each individual case and how many teeth are being worked on. We can perform a crown lengthening on one tooth or on many teeth depending on what you desire to create a more pleasing, attractive smile. The gum contouring process will be performed under a local anesthetic. Depending on the results you are looking for, the amount of gum tissue that will be removed varies.

What happens after the procedure is complete?

After the crown lengthening procedure is completed, usually in an hour or so, we will clean up the area and place a bandage over it. This bandage helps gums reattach to teeth as they heal. We will give you specific instructions on aftercare and what to expect at your appointment.

What are the benefits of esthetic crown lengthening?

This periodontal plastic surgery procedure can bring out the beauty and function of your smile. The benefits are many and can include:

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The staff at Dental Excellence is experienced in performing this procedure. If you are looking to improve a “gummy” smile and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, contact us today. We are happy to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you, and we can also answer questions you might have about the procedure. We want to help you achieve a smile you will love!

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