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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges restore aesthetics and functionality for missing teeth

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If you are missing teeth, you know how debilitating that gappy smile can be. In addition to making you feel self-conscious about your teeth, you might also have trouble chewing certain foods or talking without a lisp. Fortunately, dental bridges can fill in those gaps and help your smile to look 100% natural.

Unlike dentures, which are typically designed to be removable, dental bridges are fixed in place. This means that you won't have to worry about those dentures slipping or falling out. This feature also makes bridges easier to clean. Because they are fixed in place, you can brush and floss them just like your natural teeth. Also, since dental bridges are cemented to other teeth or supported by a hidden metal framework, they typically aren't as noticeable as removable dentures. Dental bridges are designed to span the gap between areas where teeth are missing, and they are typically supported by the surrounding teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Types of Dental Bridges

Because everyone's dental situation is a little bit different, there are a variety of dental bridges available on the market. There are two main types of bridges, tooth-anchored bridges and implant-supported bridges. As the name implies, tooth-anchored bridges are supported by the surrounding teeth. These types of bridges are right for people who have healthy, strong teeth on either side of the missing tooth. However, if this isn't the case for you, our doctors might recommend an implant-supported bridge. With an implant-supported bridge, a dental implant is placed on either side of the missing tooth, and then when the area heals, those teeth are used to support the bridge. In addition to these two main types of dental bridges, there are also:

If you have missing teeth, make an appointment with one of our doctors today to see if a bridge would be right for you! Our dentists will carefully evaluate your smile, talk with you about your concerns, and make a recommendation based on your exam and personal preferences. Dental Excellence looks forward to serving you.

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