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Custom athletic mouthguards prevent sports-related injuries to the mouth, gums, tongue, and jaw

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Nearly one-third of all mouth injuries are sports related. Fortunately, there is an extremely easy way to prevent any oral injuries: custom athletic mouthguards from Dental Excellence in Independence, MO. An athletic mouth guard is a soft plastic device that fits and forms in your mouth to prevent sports-related injuries to the mouth, gums, tongue, and jaw. Even if you or your kids are only involved in low-impact sports, it’s never a bad thing to take care of your smile. If you’re looking for a custom athletic mouthguard, Dental Excellence can help you!

It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you play! When protecting your mouth from dental injuries or concussions (yes, even concussions!) custom athletic mouth guards are the best and most cost-effective tool around. Here are three reasons you should consider an athletic mouth guard for any of the athletes in your family:

Protect Your Mouth (and Your Brain!)

Many head and mouth injuries occur while playing football, hockey, boxing, and rugby, because powerful hits are extremely prevalent. Regardless of the sport that you or your children play, there is always a risk of an oral injury or a concussion. An athletic mouthguard is said to help reduce concussion rates by almost 50%. Not only does your mouth guard protect your teeth from chipping after a nasty hit to the mouth, your mouth guard also does a great job of protecting your brain from injury as well. A custom athletic mouth guard “locks” your jaw in place, while stabilizing the muscles in the neck and head. This helps prevent whiplash and any potential concussions. Still not convinced? What if I told you that in high-school-aged students, 56% of all concussions were sustained when a mouth guard wasn’t worn.

Keep Your Smile Looking Great

It only takes an elbow to the face to cause some serious dental damage or even brain trauma. A chipped or broken tooth can be devastating for anyone. If left untreated, damaged teeth could lead to many high-cost dental procedures or even cosmetic surgeries. Prevent an additional trip to the dentist’s office (and an additional expense) by wearing a custom athletic mouthguard. However, we definitely know that accidents happen, and we are well equipped to help you with any of your cosmetic dentistry needs. We also specialize in Invisalign, teeth whitening, and veneers if you find you could benefit from those services.

Custom Mouthguards Fit Better

You may be asking, what’s the difference between a store-bought mouthguard and a custom made mouthguard? Although the store bought versions mold to your teeth (you have to boil them in water first) you can be left with an uncomfortable, less-than-desirable fit! Store bought mouthguards don’t do a great job of molding to genetic differences between people, leaving you with an uncomfortable fit and a less-protective mouthguard. Instead of relying on a store bought version, Dental Excellence will take a custom mold of your mouth, and design your mouthguard around the mold of your mouth. A store bought version can’t match the customization of our methods! Better fit always means better protection.

Dental Excellence wants to provide you with a custom athletic mouthguard. We have a team of highly experienced, practiced, and trained dentists that team together to ensure that you get the best quality oral care around. Our facility has as many as 22 treatment rooms so we are able to book appointments 6 days a week. With this kind of flexibility, it’s easy to book appointments around the schedule and convenience of our patients. As always, emergency appointments can be made based on circumstance and severity. Are you interesting in learning more about our group of professionals?

Let us help you protect your smile and your brain! Schedule an appointment for a custom fitted mouthguard today! Call us at (816) 795-9500 to schedule an appointment, or you can request an appointment online!

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