Implant Supported Dentures for Independence, Blue Springs & Lees Summit MO

Here at Dental Excel, we are dedicated to providing the most up to date dental treatments available so our patients always get the best results. We have a strong focus on personalized treatments but we are a large facility, which means that we can provide revolutionary new treatments that you would not have access to at a smaller practice.
Implant supported dentures are one of those treatments and they are perfect for anybody that is experiencing discomfort from traditional dentures. By improving on traditional dentures using dental implants, we can provide a solution that is more comfortable and better for your dental health. Whether you wear full dentures or you just have a few gaps that you want to fill, implant supported dentures are the perfect treatment for you. This page will tell you everything you need to know about implant supported dentures and why Dental Excellence is the right practice for you.

How Do Implant Supported Dentures Work? 

Traditional dentures sit on top of the gums and many people find that they move around during the day, especially when eating. Implant supported dentures solve that issue using dental implants to secure them. The implants are permanent and stay in your mouth, so your dentures are secure at all times and you only need to remove them for cleaning. You will find that your implant supported dentures function far better when eating and they also look much more natural than a set of traditional dentures. 

Are Implant Supported Dentures Right For You?

Anybody that would normally wear traditional dentures is well suited to implant supported dentures. If you have a few missing teeth, we can fill those gaps using dental implants and we can also use implants if you wear a full set of dentures. If you have been wearing traditional dentures for a long time, this can cause some degradation of the jawbone and this may make it difficult for the implants to take hold. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t qualify for this treatment because bone grafts can be used to prepare for the dental implants. If you schedule an appointment, our dentists will talk through these options with you and answer any questions that you have about the treatment process. 

What Are The Benefits Of Implant Supported Dentures?

There are a lot of benefits of implant supported dentures that make them a much better option than traditional dentures. Some of these benefits include: 

Improved Chewing 

Traditional dentures that are secured with an adhesive are prone to slipping, especially while eating. This can lead to issues with eating and may mean that certain foods are very difficult to eat. However, implant supported dentures are far more secure, which means that you can enjoy eating and drinking whatever you like without having to worry about your dentures slipping. Many people find that they have to adjust the way that they eat with traditional dentures but with implant supported dentures, you can carry on as you normally would with natural teeth. 

Improved Jaw Health 

Eating and chewing food naturally strengthens the jaw. However, when wearing traditional dentures that are prone to slipping and don’t perform in the same way as your real teeth would, you don’t always get these benefits. The dentures can also rub against the bones and lead to reduced bone density in the gums. When you have dental implants to hold your dentures in place, they act just like normal teeth, so you can avoid these issues and enjoy improved jaw health. 

Better Aesthetic 

Although denture technology has advanced, it may be obvious that you are wearing traditional dentures because they don’t sit right on the gums and they shift around when you speak. This makes some people feel self conscious about wearing their dentures, but implant supported dentures don’t have this problem and they look just like your real teeth. 

Less Impact On Remaining Teeth

If you are only replacing a few missing teeth with dentures, they can do damage to your remaining teeth. Traditional dentures put pressure on them and, over time, they can become misaligned. This will lead to more dental health issues in the future, but implant supported dentures are far more secure, so you won't have this problem. 

How Does The Treatment Process Work?

Before treatment begins, you will have an initial consultation with our team. During this appointment, we will take X-rays and examine the jawbone to determine whether it is suitable for dental implants or not. Our doctors will then create a tailored treatment plan for you. In some cases, this may involve bone grafts to prepare the jawbone for the dental implants. If you decide to move forward with implant supported dentures, our team will take molds of your mouth to ensure that we get the right fit. Once we have these impressions, we can fit the dental implants. After allowing them to settle in, the dentures will then be specially fitted on top so they are secure but they can be removed for cleaning. Our experienced team of doctors will be there every step of the way to explain the process and answer any questions that you might have. 

Why Choose Dental Excellence?

Dental Excellence is one of the best practices to come to if you want implant supported dentures because we offer a level of care that you won’t find at other large practices. For over 40 years, our expert team of doctors have been building a practice that is focused around personalized care and a level of familiarity that you would expect from small boutique practices. However, our large team of experienced doctors means that we are able to offer advanced treatments like implant supported dentures, which you can’t get at a smaller practice. In short, you get the expertise of a large practice with the individual care and attention that you expect from a small boutique practice, so you get the best of both worlds. 
If you are interested in implant supported dentures, contact us and schedule an appointment with our team today and we will talk you through the process.

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